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New species of vampire squid discovered: Where does it live?


Recently, a group of scientists in China have identified a new species of Vampire squidand only the second known in the world. An important new piece adds to our knowledge of the creatures that live in the deep ocean. Despite its scary name, the vampire squid is not a dangerous predator, but it feeds on detritus and small invertebrates.

Never-before-seen vampire squid discovered

I Vampire squidKnown scientifically as Vampyroteuthis infernalis, it can grow to about 30 cm in length. Although it looks dangerous, it is actually a harmless creature that feeds on small invertebrates and dead organic matter.

The already known species was first described in 1903 by the German marine biologist Karl Schön during an expedition in the ocean waters. Since then, other alleged species have been identified, but they turned out to be juvenile forms of the same species. Fifthly, hellishAs these squids grow, they develop a second pair of fins closer to the head, while the original fins disappear.

In a study published May 2 in the journal BioRxiv, researchers describe a second species of vampire squid that was discovered in the South China Sea, near Hainan Island, in 2016. This new species, called Hellish lying vampireThey are found at depths of between 800 and 1000 metres, where very little sunlight penetrates.

Vampire squid: where does it live and what are its characteristics?

Vampire squid has some Unique Features Which distinguishes it from its more famous relative, V. infernalis, and from others, such as the giant squid. For example, the photophores, the light-producing organs, are positioned differently between its fins and tail. In V. infernalis, the photophores are located about a third of the way from the fins to the end of the body, while in V. pseudoinfernalis they are about halfway there. Furthermore, V. pseudoinfernalis has a pointed tail, while V. infernalis has no tail at all. Another difference is the beak of V. pseudoinfernalis, which has a longer wing on the lower mandible.

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New vampire squid discovered in South China SeaNear Hainan Island, at depths of between 800 and 1,000 meters. This area has extremely weak sunlight, creating an ideal environment for sea monsters that live in the dark depths. In this environment, V. pseudoinfernalis likely shares the cloak-like appearance of its relative, appearing as a black gelatinous mass in photographs, but looking much more elegant and ghostly in its natural environment.

Genetic analysis suggests that V. pseudoinfernalis is a distinct species from V. infernalis. Dajun Qiu, the study’s lead marine biologist and a member of the South China Sea Institute of Oceanography, said further analysis of other specimens is needed to confirm the findings. Morphological differences Watch. Qiu also noted that the diet of V. pseudoinfernalis is likely similar to that of its more famous relatives, feeding on small invertebrates and organic debris, but more research is needed to confirm this.


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