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New screenshots from the collection of the Amazon Prime series –

New screenshots from the collection of the Amazon Prime series –

Idle Sloth has reported on a series of new snaps taken from a set Amazon Prime Video Series to Drops. You can view the snaps via the two Imgur galleries below.

The shots immortalize a dilapidated gas station, in full Fallout style. It appears to be a set still under construction, considering some of the items are still packaged and machinery.

If we look carefully, it is possible to see to the right of the group a parking lot with some cars, while under the black sheets there should be a sign “red rocketa well-known fictitious company within the games. So much so that the set is very reminiscent of the gas station pictured in the news header, taken from Fallout 4.

Fallout TV series

Fallout Amazon Prime is filming in Nyack, New York.

If you seem to have seen this site before, there is a reason, in addition to the references to Fallout. This is the Citgo gas station located on Route 9W, New Jersey, which is especially famous in Hollywood. From 2012 to today, she has, in fact, appeared, in various guises, in more than a dozen series and films, including the first in the John Wick series and now also in the Amazon Prime series.

We’ve previously seen a short behind-the-scenes video of Amazon Prime’s Fallout series, confirming that the adaptation will be very faithful to the game. Right now, Season 1 doesn’t have an official release date, but it should be released sometime in 2023, possibly in conjunction with Fallout 4’s next-gen update.