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New Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater screenshots show off camouflage, healing, and graphical filters


Thanks to the in-depth Metal Gear: Hotline Production 01 video that Konami posted yesterday, we received some small additional details and sequences Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eaterincluding a first look at Camouflage and Survival Mask ListAs well as the taste of many Graphic filters It was included at launch, which we can see in the images below.

Those who have played the original certainly do not need explanations, but for the rest we remind you that in the game it is possible to change the camouflage costume that Naked Snake wears at any time. This is not a purely aesthetic change, but it has a significant impact on the dynamics of the gameplay. In fact, depending on the chosen camouflage and the surrounding environment, the character will be quite easy to recognize. For example, the forest look is ideal in the sections of the Tselinoyarsk forest, while in these cases wearing red camouflage is practically like trying to indicate the location of the protagonist to enemies with a neon billboard.

Wounds and nostalgic drawing filters

In the images below, captured and shared by the X Metal Gear Network – MGN account, we can see a Partial list of camouflage Available in the game, which is practically the same as the one already seen in the original version of 2004, it is possible to see a preview of the pattern to the left of the camouflage, while on the right there are positive or negative values, which indicate its amount. The camouflage increases or decreases the camouflage index by wearing it in that specific circumstance.

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In these shots we can also see a glimpse of survival maskThrough it, any permanent wounds the character suffers can be checked, such as fractures, snake bites, and gunshot wounds (which, if left untreated, cause a steady decrease in the health bar). As previously revealed, the most serious wounds in the remake, even after being fully healed, can leave some behind Scars or other indelible marks On Snake’s body, as if to sum up your prowess and mistakes during the game.

Finally, we can see some of the available graphic filters. The most interesting one is definitely the “legacy“, which uses yellow tones very similar to those in the original game, much to the delight of long-time fans.

We remind you that Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater will be available for the game PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PCThe game currently doesn’t have an official release date, but pre-orders for physical copies are already open. Here’s our special preview of everything we currently know about this long-awaited new release.

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