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New hybrid virus created in lab: 80% mortality Fragment: 'high pathogenic risk'

New hybrid virus created in lab: 80% mortality Fragment: ‘high pathogenic risk’

A new strain of the Covid virus has been created in a laboratory by researchers from Boston University. This was revealed by the Daily Mail. The new pathogenic form created in the laboratory will be a hybrid capable of reaching a potential mortality rate of 80% of infected organisms. The news raised the position of part of the scientific world, concerned about the risks that could result from such forms of manipulation and the danger of a virus with such a high mortality coefficient.

Boston University researchers, according to the Daily Mail, had fusing an Omicron variant with the original Wuhan strain. Reportedly, scientists from the US research facility extracted the Omicron spike protein to link it to the first high-fatality variant that appeared in the first phase of the epidemic in Wuhan.

Why perform this type of analysis? Technically, this practice is as explained by Prof. Giovanni Frages is defined as gain-of-function research (Gof), or job-gain research. This type of study is used to elucidate the potential developments of pathogens in order to produce, in a preventive manner, a rapid response to the potential dangers arising from the effective spread of these new viruses. Vivid words from the professor. Giovanni Fragues

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