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New console announcement may arrive this week -

New console announcement may arrive this week –

nintendo can be revealed by the end this week The alleged new control for each key Which has been talked about a lot in the past few days.

It all started last week when an FCC app was spotted for a specific product as a “Nintendo Game controller” with the ID “BKEHAC043”. So there’s the “HAC” code that is usually used for all Nintendo Switch related products (for example, HAC is tagged with -001 on the first model.) The FCC application expires on March 16, 2022, which is the deadline by which Nintendo should reveal the console to the world, but in fact new evidence suggests the reveal is already by the end of this week.

peers VGC In fact, they discovered a new document on the FCC website relating to the “Nintendo Game Controller” that states that “short-term classified” information related to the device, such as images and graphics, will be made public by Friday, September 24. We didn’t use the past indiscriminately, as the FCC app was “oddly” removed right after VGC spotted it.

Will the new Nintendo Switch console be a new Pro version?

At this point, it’s not inconceivable that the official announcement of the alleged Nintendo Switch console will take place this week, possibly within a period of time. Nintendo DirectA few weeks ago, rumors of a new presentation started circulating.

In the meantime, an insider has revealed some clues, which should always be taken with caution, regarding the console, which obviously won’t support the Amiibo.

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