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New Christmas restrictions are in place, and the government is considering strict measures on NO-VAX. Status »

COVID: There are new restrictions for Christmas, and the government is considering strict measures on NO-VAX. the situation

Christmas high stakesChristmas is approaching and the specter of closures and restrictions looms. If in Europe, especially in countries like Germany NS AustriaAnd The infection situation is accelerating, in Italy, fortunately, is still under control, but with A peak of 10,000 cases in the last 24 hours.

However, if the infection unfortunately increases, Some convulsions are already being studied by the government For the Christmas holiday period. Attention is not only on the curve of the case, but above all, the newspaper also reported RepublicAnd For hospital admission and intensive care patients, which continues to rise and which can reach particularly high altitudes a Dec.

at the moment, The situation in our country is still stable: Attention is still focused on
Vaccination campaign for the third dose It’s online green pass. Only a vaccine can slow the curve. The head of the Higher Institute of Health said, Silvio Brusaferro.
Returning to the premise of measures intended for holidays, there may be growing concerns Historic centers and shopping streets: They can actually become limited number, With barriers To regulate the flow of people. Another hypothesis related to Christmas markets, With Possibility discounted parkingAnd restricted access and control green pass.

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