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New aluminum ion batteries, super fast charging

New aluminum ion batteries, super fast charging

Uses new discovered battery technology aluminum ions Instead of lithium ions. At the moment one wonders if it will be a real significant step forward in the electricity sector, today’s revolutionary new battery cells come from Australia.

To re-launch this modernity is Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) Which speaks of “exciting performance test results” of the chemistry of this new aluminum ion battery. It may be possible to speed up charging times by up to 10 times compared to current lithium-ion batteries; Moreover, these batteries can also last longer over time and do not require cooling.

The Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at the University of Queensland conducted tests and experiments in which prototypes of the new battery confirmed these results. New batteries can guarantee less independent Per refill, but sure Less time wasted on column.

New aluminum ion batteries could be very interesting in other ways too, for example Almost no deterioration. In fact, it has been tested over 2,000 charge and discharge cycles and has practically no signs of deterioration. The safety, because it does not tend to overheat and can be better suited for raw material recovery and recycling.

Excellent also regarding fire danger, As GMG CEO Craig Nicholl said: “So far there have been no temperature issues.” Moreover, according to the same CEO: “20% of the lithium-ion battery has to do with cooling. There is a high potential in aluminum ion batteries We don’t need cooling or heating. It does not overheat and works well below zero. The cooling or heating circuits currently represent about 80 kg in a 100 kWh package.”

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As for the costsA much-needed component of GMG’s new batteries is porous graphene, which the company says can be produced at low cost, even if it doesn’t reveal any details (from what is known, graphene is a valuable material). GMG will pass from Prototype To a small series of batteries later this year, the products will be delivered to potential customers for testing use. Production on an industrial scale is likely to wait a few years.