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New African flame, 10°C above average for at least a week »

Liberation Weather Tuesday August 2nd: New African fire, 10°C above average for at least a week

August 2 openingA new African fire in Central Western Europe: In the coming days, the high pressure in North Africa, as it has already happened at least 5 times since May, will turn north, ideally crossing the Strait of Gibraltar: in fact, the Iberian Peninsula will be the first area affected by the expansion of the camel, as it is known In meteorological parlance, the African anticyclone.
From Spain abnormal temperature You’ll head along a proven route, from the Pyrenees towards the Alps: temperatures 10°C above the August average, already high, initially expected over France and then between Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Is it Italy? Our country will reach the peak of heat between Thursday and Friday, especially in the northern regions and the Tyrrhenian side, with a probability of 39-40 ° C in the shade.
40 degrees Celsius is a value that no longer creates a surprise, wonder, or rather, anguish: However, it is worth remembering that the average climatic values ​​​​at the beginning of August are much lower. According to the climatology of the thirty-year period 1971-2000, in Turin and Genoa there is usually a maximum of 28 ° C, in Milan 29 ° C, in Bologna 31 ° C, in Florence 33 ° C, in Rome 32 ° C; At the southern “normal” values ​​of 31 °C in Naples, 30 °C in Bari, and 32 °C in Cagliari.
Among the most important “climate” we find the station Catania Sigonella, with data for the first ten days of August reporting 34°C: It is a location for the weather in the hot interior of eastern Sicily not too far from Florida in Syracuse Province, where a year ago, on August 11th, it was 48°C. 8 degrees Celsius set a new European record.
In short, in practice we always touch Often values ​​of 10°C are warmer than averagelocally up to 15°C: These exaggerated values ​​are an example of an extreme climate event predicted by global warming researchers, a projection that many industrialized nations have denied for decades.

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Lorenzo Tedesimeteorological website,, asserts instead that all of this is true, yet another African heat wave will hit central western Europe, less than 15 days from the absolute historical records of France and Germany. This time we will probably beat the August records rather than the annual values, but the European heating will be very significant and decisive.

In Italy, temperatures of 38-39°C are expected in Florence, Rome, Bologna and Milan and up to 40°C in the interior of Sardinia; But some other areas will be hit by the anti-hot African cyclone, D camel with hump It will push North African air north in a ‘warm 2022’ revival that we unfortunately learned by heart.

in detail
Tuesday 2. In the north: sunny and warm in elevation. In the middle: sun and intense heat at times. In the south: sunny.
Wednesday 3. In the north: rising sun and heat. In the middle: sun and intense heat. In the south: sunny and warm at the base.
Thursday 4. In the north: the sun and heat are much higher than the average for the period. In the center: Sun and extreme heat well above average for this period. In the south: sunny and warm.
direction. The anti-African is stronger and stronger, temperatures reach 38-40 ° C in the center and north.