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Never United States, Ambra – America’s most famous places in the movie with Sviagia

Never United States, Ambra – America’s most famous places in the movie with Sviagia

There is definitely one beautiful thing about the Wancina brothers’ film: the locations where it was shot

Posted: July 2, 2024 6:11 pm

The 2013 film “My State Unity” by the Vancina brothers with Ambra Angiolini, Anna Foglietta and Vincenzo Salemme is not one of those super gripes that keep the viewer glued to the screen. Where was it filmed? In the 90-minute film, the five protagonists of the story are forced to move to America due to inheritance issues, and we wander through some of the most beautiful parks in America.

“My Unity” locations in the United States

The road movie’s super fun sequences are shot in some of America’s wildest and most amazing states, between off-limits locations and iconic spots, among top tourist attractions including cowboys on horseback and grizzly bears. The actual filming locations were Lake Powell, Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Aspen and Denver Colorado, Nevada and Las Vegas. Between the clichés and situations, from the classic bank robbery to meeting a gang of raiders, the American representatives have to face many funny situations to pocket their share of the inheritance.

The Vancina brothers toured the United States to film scenes and find the most famous locations. As Angela (Ambra) enters a pharmacy to buy an anxiolytic, a robbery takes place in Custer, South Dakota, where the lodge where the five from Italy are staying is located. Although the scene takes place immediately, the meeting with the bikers takes place 1,400 kilometers away in St. George, Utah. The architecture of the resort, where Arizona’s common father’s funeral was served, is unmistakable. Here, in fact, we find ourselves at Oak Creek in the Sedona desert, and here is where two brothers Antonio (Salem) and Nino (Ricky Memphis) watch the Roma – Napoli match.

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Okbay Canyon Lake, where five brothers spread their father’s ashes according to his last wishes. Lake Powell, a man-made lake on the Colorado River on the border of Arizona and Utah. As the five in a rented van cross Monument Valley, many onlookers’ hearts sink: Who wouldn’t want to be among the Navajo and Native Americans of the Tex Villar Reservation?

A trip to Las Vegas is a classic between the casinos and the “Strip” overlooked by the most famous hotels. How many films have been shot in this city? From the “Godfather” saga to the “Ocean’s” saga, there are about thirty in recent years alone.

For the film’s final scene, Michael (Giovanni Vernia) imitates Robert De Niro next to a bust of Ronald Reagan. , the gateway to the Black Hills or known as the “City of Presidents”, is a popular gateway Monte RushmoreThe mountain is carved with the faces of US Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.