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Neurologist in Calabria responsible for the first edition of digital electromyography


Marilyn Mangiardi

Marilena Mangiardi was born and raised Soriano Calabro Where she immediately distinguished herself in the scholastic field, is Medical Director of a Neurologist from ao San Camillo – Forlanini Roma, Specialist in electrophysiology, stroke care and epilepsy, who created the first edition of the “Theoretical Practical Course in Digital Electromyography Oncology and Neurophysiology: Good Clinical Practice”. The important training event that went on Three days, It was held at the Grand Hotel Palatino in Rome on Via Cavour and saw participation 70 surgeons in Majors Physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, neuropathology, pediatric neuropsychiatry, neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology, anesthesiology and resuscitation and neuropathology technicians. Chiara Colosimo also participated in the three days, Vice Republic. The national initiative promoted by Dr. Mangiardi with the sponsorship of the main companies in the sector: Ayten – Italian Association of Neurophysiologists, Ainab – Italian Association for the Study of the Peripheral Nervous System, synchronization – Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology. [Continua in basso]

Team of specialists

Practical theory of course digital electromyography, Credited to 25 of Ecm’s credits, it wasGoal To deepen the basic neurophysiological concepts already known – explained neurologist Marilena Mangiardi – and acquire techniques more specialists Such asNeural ultrasound apps botulinum toxin By means of electromyography and ultrasound guidance, and will allow all participants to achieve personal autonomy at an average level, to perform, interpret and report the electrical examination of muscles. He added that the second edition of the session is scheduled for next year project Which requires a intense work It lasted nearly a year, during which time I firmly believed – and concluded – that success was due to him Great team of the professionals I work with. I hope and wish it was mine too calabria, He can enjoy this work, and more generally, the hope is that Health Care From my native land is able to extricate himself. It is an area where colleagues belong at the highest professional and human levels.”

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