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Space X e Netflix insieme: una docu-serie sulla prima missione civile di SpaceX

Netflix: Documentary on Space X’s first tourism mission

It will be a special documentary, the film that will follow Space X’s first civilian mission: a docu series that will follow, in real time, the first four tourists who will complete a tour of Earth orbit.

Co-produced by Netflix, it will be called “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission To SpaceHe will follow the entire mission, from the final stages of training until return.

Inspiration4, the first “tourist” mission of Space X

We just finished celebrating the two trips that officially took off at that time space tourism It is already time to take them to the past.

Suborbital Leaps of Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos – With their 4-minute stay in zero gravity – they got people talking about themselves as a great opportunity for everyone to experience a journey into space.

Well, we knew from the start that Elon Musk’s plans were of a completely different kind: Space X aims to colonize Mars, but also to the concept of “space tourism” that does not end in half a day and will not end. without. From A complete revolution in orbit.

So space tourism offered by Space X will be very different from what was seen in the summer missions of Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin: Inspiration 4This is the name of the mission, you will bring four civilians un a four-day flight in low Earth orbit.

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In orbit, farther from the Kerman line and higher than the International Space Station, which will be visible from the dome of the Crew Dragon capsule – which is expected to reach a peak of 590 km, while the ISS orbits 408 km from Earth.

The trip is funded by Jared Askman, the CEO of a company that probably doesn’t vaguely resemble Elon Musk’s first creature, Paypal.

Along with Isaacman, Professor Sian Proctor, aviation veteran Chris Sembrowski and Hayley Arsenault, a cancer researcher who will also be the first person with a prosthetic limb to travel in space, aboard the SpaceX capsule.

Inspiration4 launch, obviously vector Falcon 9, is expected the next day September 15.

Countdown: Netflix va in diretta

The Netflix series was co-produced by Jonathan D. Woods, the former producer of the “Year in Space” series that followed astronaut Scott Kelly’s long mission to the International Space Station.

These aren’t the first TV images captured from inside a spacecraft in orbit, but the first two are significant: For Space X, it’s the first tourist launch; For Netflix, the first attempt to cover a space event in near real time.

The series will take viewers behind the scenes on a historical journey: from the military training of four nearly ordinary citizens, to the moment of launch and exciting return, expected in the middle of the Atlantic.

The docu series will be broadcast in the United States according to the mission’s agenda: The first two episodes will air on September 6 and 13, a few hours after the launch of the Falcon9 that will take the Inspiration4 crew atop the International Space Station.

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a The end of the season at the end of September, at the end of the mission – which might as well be He lives.

The grand finale of Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission To Space will feature unreleased images of inside the capsule, possibly taken by the astronauts themselves, that promise viewers an unprecedented experience, although these aren’t the first orbital images to end up on TV.

Isaacman explains, via Twitter, that he would never have imagined ending up in a documentary and taking the opportunity to launch a fundraiser aimed at giving $200 million to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.