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Netflix, credits in Russia (with recent irony)

Netflix, credits in Russia (with recent irony)

Netflix ceased operations in Russia. Another piece of the West is leaving, and another information tool is extinguished. Although it may seem that Netflix is ​​only a tool for entertainment, the farewell comes 24 hours after the release of the very powerful documentary.winter on fire”, also available for free on YouTube and related to the long fight for democracy in the country now under siege.

Netflix is ​​leaving Russia

So Netflix leaves Russia with a strong final scorn, but with a salute that could have cost dearly if the activities had not been interrupted. According to Bloomberg, No new subscribers will be accepted from now on, but it’s unclear what will happen to today’s million subscribers who are fond of US broadcasters. If the group initially only stopped new productions, the measure now extends to blocking subscriptions and this makes the instant message to residents more stable.

Once again it is a farewell associated with the new Anti-disinformation law in Russiawhich is the same thing that alienated all the Western media and who also convinced him in the past few hours tik tok forced farewell. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Tik Tok, no Snapchat, no Hollywood movies, and now no Netflix: the message is getting to the population — at least the younger and more enlightened — loud and clear.

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