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La Talpa, il ritorno: Netflix compra il reality 13 anni dopo l'ultima edizione di Paola Perego

Netflix buys reality show 13 years after the last release of Paola Perego

La Talpa, back to Netflix: The streaming platform was going to buy the rights to the reality show 13 years after Paola Perego’s last release. To launch indiscretion, a well-informed David Maggio is usually good.

According to reports from the television specialist, Netflix has purchased the global rights to the format. Thus, the reality show, which is one of the most loved by the Italian public, can return to the screens of subscribers of the platform.

“A hypothesis that should not be ignored – explains David Maggio Since then in Italy, unlike Spain, Great Britain or the United States, Netflix has not yet produced original entertainment. And La Talpa is not the usual reality show that has a strong component of adventure and mystery and would have what it takes to survive, even in our country, without the live broadcast.”

La Talpa, Amanda Lear in the place of Paula Perego

13 years have passed since the last edition of Talpa, which was won by Caterina Casella at that time. A successful reality show that reached 5,356,000 spectators in the last episode, with a score of 26.52%.

The reality was born in 2004 on Rai2, with the behavior of Amanda Lear, replaced by Paola Perego starting in Episode 2, and then brought the show to Italia1 for the next two editions.

No Talpa, how does it work

La mole is a reality show in which VIPs, so-called “suspects” or under investigation, participate. The goal of the game is to find and unmask the saboteur mole who is hiding among the rivals.

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The task is entrusted to both the public and the accused themselves. The audience, through television, determines the order of the suspects: the person with the most votes must face a disqualification test or questioning. The group instead makes its own nominations.

In the elimination test, suspects are subjected to 10 questions about the identity and actions of the mole: whoever answers correctly the least number of questions must leave the game.