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Neptune spaceship, for a six-hour walk in space in complete comfort: pre-sale is open

Neptune spaceship, for a six-hour walk in space in complete comfort: pre-sale is open

Space tourism is getting more expensive. Competitive rates, even refundable advances, for you to take a calm and relaxing tour of the universe in a spacecraft filled with comfort.

Neptune spaceship –

To make all this possible is space perspectivewhich offers the possibility of a six-hour flight, between ascent and descent, in a “space balloon” Neptune spaceshipable to survive for two hours at an altitude of 30,000 meters above sea level, in the stratosphere, “above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere”.

All this with $1,000 up front, refundable, to book this cruise equipped with all amenities but in the end, once confirmed, it will cost 115 thousand euros (equivalent to 125,000 dollars at the current exchange rate).

Comfort and innovation in space perspective in space tourism

Neptune spaceship lounge 20220413 cmag
Living room of the spaceship Neptune –

When we talk about comfort and associate this concept with Neptune spaceship It’s not an exaggeration. The Neptune space balloon takes two hours to take off, as it happens at 12 miles per hour, or 20 kilometers per hour, to allow for a truly relaxing panoramic experience. The landing also occurs very slowly, in the ditch, as the company’s boat takes space travelers to the mainland.

space balloon space perspective It is the size of a football field and has been defined as “The world’s only carbon-neutral spacecraftIn fact, being equipped with hydrogen propulsion, it is practically zero emissions.

Even the interior of the balloon cannot be compared with a real spaceship, since inside the capsule there are large reclining chairs that make it possible to enjoy a panoramic view of no less space. The “living room” is also equipped with a meal service and also with a Wi-Fi connection.

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Travelers can also use a telescope that allows them to understand every little detail of the trip they are taking on a truly memorable six-hour trip. Of course, when it comes to low-cost space travel, the cost is relatively low: as mentioned, in fact, so far, the cost of such a trip is about 125 thousand dollars.

Certainly not a little, but at the same time it has nothing to do with the exorbitant numbers demanded by big space tourism companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin which demand much higher numbers, four times as much (with space travel really providing the meaning of the term).