Saturday, July 20, 2024

Neither Ibra nor Donnarumma: Let’s finally talk about something else


That’s right, we’re not talking about Ibra or Donnarumma here today. I refuse to talk about eleven-year-old lions, virologists or virus investigators, yachts, and any other nonsense. I can talk about racism, yeah, she always deserves it. But I shouldn’t be talking about the 10-day ban that some newspapers called for in February, so I won’t be making news. In fact, Ibra’s racism is one of those racism that doesn’t make the news. You don’t like the racism of forgiveness. And since Ibra had “forgiven” the Red Star and believed that the club should not pay the price for the folly of four fanatics, his position is one that does not withdraw, it does not matter, and does not click. Nothing then. And nothing on Donnarumma either, because before the end of the tournament no Italian club can perform operations with a total of 100 million between the salary and commission of the goalkeeper, or 120/140 million as expected others can do. Also because if he does not get over Milan, who has no problems with excess capital gains or past debt overruns not written off, how will others be able to get around the Rossoneri offer in an instantly clear and understandable way?

Let’s talk about something else next. Let’s do a short press review in Radio London style. At the start of the week, Dagospia, not Suma, wrote Dagospia: “Why do consultants find it difficult to find an industrial partner in Zhang? Could suitors be confused by the complex Nerazzurri accounting? Ah, to find out.” As Dagosbia, and not Soma, Dagosbia, wrote Thursday: “Covisoc is investigating capital gains for Juventus, while Inter’s accounts are under the UEFA beacon.” Milan is the great absentee from the chatter. Then I imagine my Rossoneri fans protesting: Why are they only attacking us? Why don’t we make ourselves respectful? Two short answers. First, a country that falls more in love with popular, patriotic subjects than serious subjects, and of course, Ibra and Donnarumma belongs to the first trend. Second, Milan does not need to keep anyone in good shape and respects everyone’s media work, but when you pay every month, you have no exposure to financial debt of any significance and you do not exercise capital gains as a philosophy, you go straight and you don’t. Do not wink to anyone to avoid perhaps this hints too much on your shadow areas. For the fans instead of the maximum penalty limit for ten percent of the company’s share, I remember instead that for Suarez or the clipper, the maximum penalty would be disqualification from the tournament. For the controversial doping controls, the maximum penalty would be six months. But the ultimate punishment does not usually become the punishment. Unless you take the instinctive patriotic folk surname. With a lot of belly.

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