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Negotiations with Russia?  It would be a surrender

Negotiations with Russia? It would be a surrender

Mykhailo Podoliak, a key adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky, said opening talks with Russia would be tantamount to Kiev’s capitulation.

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Ukrainian President Zelensky’s Chief Adviser Mykhailo Podoliak on Opening Talks with Russia Surrender of Kiev.

Podoliak, in an interview with Agence France-Presse, said pressure from the West on Ukraine to agree to sit at the table with Moscow — now that important military decisions are being reached on the battlefield — represents. A “strange” demand for surrender.

“When you have the initiative, it’s a bit strange to get proposals like, “You can’t do everything through the military anyway, you have to negotiate,”” said Michelo Podoliak.

This, according to Zelensky’s adviser, means that “A country that regains its territories must surrender to a country that loses”. Podoliak said Russia has not made “any direct proposal” to Kiev for peace talks and that it could use the talks to “buy time”.

US: “Peace Talks Possible in Winter”

The Ukrainian diplomat’s statements represent an apparent response to US Chief of Staff Mark Milley. The talks are about to start with winter in mind: “The likelihood of a Ukrainian military victory that would drive all Russians out of the country, including Crimea, is slim.”

A senior US official has hinted at the possibility that Kiev and Moscow will sit down at a table in the coming months and begin negotiations that could lead to at least a ceasefire. “The Russians have failed strategically and tactically throughout Ukraine,” the US chief of staff said, adding that the arrival of winter would mean a natural decline in ground fighting, for which “this would be a good window for peace talks.”.

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