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Ndrangheta in Tuscany: "Chromium and pollutants buried even near houses under construction"

Ndrangheta in Tuscany: “Chromium and pollutants buried even near houses under construction”

Florence, 28 September 2021 – Pollution is significant. Contaminants According to the investigators’ study They would have been brought to Tuscany ‘From Entrangeta.

Chromium and other contaminant chemicals, Those who detect the presence of the queueWaste from tanneries discovered On all sites examined By consultants Dda di Firenze Ndrangheta infiltrations in Tuscany as part of an investigation by Forest Police and Novin into the illegal smuggling of specialized industrial waste.

According to what they learned, they came to the list of investigators Reports from Chemical Consultants Those who took samples from polluted soil in the summer and did laboratory tests.

The first results are the values ​​beyond the limits allowed by law for these products on the sites already examined In the first phase of the investigation. SR 429 tunnel at Masarosa (Luca), Emboli (26 times more than value) Former vacancies in Pisa Road and urbanization works have been carried out (here Chrome alone is 50 times more likely to be on the threshold), a company with a riding school in Leci de Besioli.

Other values ​​are 20 times higher in that area Cresspina Lorenzana Pizza near reservoir sites. The filling of the logistics infrastructure at the military airport in Pisa was also polluted, but was removed immediately after investigations.

Values ​​outside the quota at the two plants of the earth moving and total company Leros SRL, In municipalities Pusin (Arizo) and Fondetora (Pisa), in the hamlets of Eleven and Kellogg, respectively. Pusin substances (but not arsenic) that express Q are also present in the urbanization of an area where they are located. Villas under construction. According to what has been learned, the chemical report has been sent to all the municipalities concerned and to the region for necessary action.