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NBA, Isaiah Thomas, and Jamal Crawford in McMallmore's new video (with Sonks at heart)

NBA, Isaiah Thomas, and Jamal Crawford in McMallmore’s new video (with Sonks at heart)

he is called “hymn” New song and video macklemoreOne of the most famous American rap sounds that can’t match one of the great traditional capitals of the United States (New York, Los Angeles, or even Atlanta). In fact, Macklemore was born, raised and lived there SeattleAnd he has always been very proud to represent that geographic region of the United States – Pacific Northwest It is often overlooked and forgotten. It was also always the letter gBig fan of the city teamswith a minority stake in all of the ownership Seattle Sounders (MLB) those gods Seattle Kraken (NHL)In addition to being a huge fan of many Seattle Seahawks From the NFL that gods Supersonic “defunct” of the NBA. And in the last published song, both in the text and in the video, he wanted to emphasize his closeness to the world of the NBA and his desire to see a team in the “Emerald City” with the words (“Now that we have a circuit/Sonics are starting to come back“, Now that we have a circuit, the Sonics are ready to come back), as well as in clothes (wearing a Supersonics bomber jacket) as well as introducing how Is characterized by In the video like two Seattle basketball legends Isaiah Thomas and Jamal Crawford.

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The two see each other dribble throw and crush Behind him (starting at minute 1:52) and it was the artist himself who confirmed that specific clip of the video with a tweet, identifying it “One of my favorite momentsThen he wonders (and asks, tagging directly on the NBA account):When do we bring the Sonics back to Seattle?McClemore’s tweet followed, very accurately, file Players’ responses: with Crawford to say “Honoring” Who is represented in the video? He. She Who entrusted him to three emoji “burning” enthusiasm. There is still this question, which many would like to answer: When will the Sonics return to Seattle? Hope remains.

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