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NBA, Banshero Magic: Houston’s Magic Buccaneer


Houston (United States) – another performance being framed Paulo Bancaro: On the rich NBA night (11 games played) the 20-year-old’s extravagant performance Seattle Who signs a crucial double in Texas, in the field Houston Rocketswhich allows an extension Orlando To return to success with a result 116-110 (Seven wins in the last eight matches for Charm I started to find continuity). The young basketball player shinesToyota Centerl Houston With 23 points and 13 rebounds, he made a huge impact on the California team’s coup. Issue 5 of Charm He thus earned the 20th performance of the season with at least 20 points in the 26 NBA games played so far: he was the last of the ‘freshmen’ to travel at such rates Zion Williamson (middle of the New Orleans Pelicans) and especially, Michael Jordan.

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William and Kate move to the NBA: in the stands of Boston-Miami

NBA, results of other races

In the other games of NBA Night, the successes of the Los Angeles clippers (126-105 against the Charlotte Hornets), Brooklyn Networks (143-113 against me Golden State Warriors in difficulty), Cleveland Cavaliers (114-106 against me Milwaukee Bucks For whom the double of 45 points and 14 rebounds is not enough Antitokonmo), Philadelphia Seventy Sixers (113-93 employment Detroit Pistons), Oklahoma City Thunder (Settlement 101-98 the Portland Blazers) And the Sacramento Kings (134-120 against me Lakers Inspired LeBron James: 31 points and assists in the scoring sheet). Far successes for i Chicago Bulls (110-108 in Atlanta), Indiana Pacers (Conquered “Td Garden” in Boston 117-112), Toronto Raptors (Prestigious Statement by Canadians at Madison Square Garden in New York v. I Nix for 113-106) and finally dei acute Dallas Mavericks that organize 104-99 Minnesota Timberwolves: Double-double for 25 points and 10 assists Doncic.

NBA, Kyrie Irving kicked his first career field goal at the buzzer

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NBA, Kyrie Irving scores first career field goal at the buzzer

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