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Navalny Russia spokesman: "He's dying, it's a matter of days"

Navalny Russia spokesman: “He’s dying, it’s a matter of days”

Alexei NavalnyThe Russian opponent in prison, ill and on hunger strike, could die of cardiac arrest “at any moment”, condemning his aides and doctors. The anti-corruption activist is spending two and a half years in exchange for an old sentence considered “politically motivated” in the Pokrov criminal settlement, 100 kilometers from Moscow, one of the toughest prisons in the Union. “A real concentration camp,” says the 44-year-old.

Navalnej stopped eating on March 31 to ask to see a doctor he trusted and to protest his poor detention conditions. He wrote on his personal Instagram page that he declared a hunger strike to demand that the law be enforced and that an outside doctor be allowed to visit me.

After surviving nerve gas poisoning in Novichok last August, Navalnig reported that he was suffering from “severe pain” in his back, numbness in the hands and legs, as well as “sleep deprivation”. He had written in recent days that he was “torture,” explaining that he was awakened “eight times a night” by his captors.

Russia when Doctor Navalnej warned: “We doctors fear for your life”

Yesterday, on the 18th day of his hunger strike, the level of potassium concentration in his blood had reached a “critical” level: 7.1 mmol per liter. “This means that from one minute to the next, there can be a defect in kidney function and serious problems with the heart rhythm,” said the doctor Alexei Navalenj in a reading of the Russian Prison Service. Anastasia VasilgievaAnd three other doctors, including a cardiologist, want to be able to see him right away. Cardiologist Ashekhmin commented on Facebook, “A patient with this level of potassium should be monitored in the ICU, because he may develop a fatal heart rhythm disorder at any time. Death from cardiac arrest.” Navalying’s spokesman is more pessimistic. Keira Germash, Who tweeted: “If they don’t start treatment, he’ll die in the next few days.”

US President Joe Biden, whose administration last month punished seven senior Russian officials, including the intelligence chief, in response to Navalny’s poisoning and imprisonment, said: “It is totally unfair, and totally unfair.”

Friday, more than 70 characters – including Nobel Prize-winning writers such as Svetlana Alekseevich e Orhan PamukCartoonists like Spiegelman’s art And Oscar-winning actors like Ralph Vines – They had sent President Vladimir Putin an open letter also published by the Republic asking him to provide appropriate treatment to the opponent in prison.

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