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National |  America at the Crossroads of the Motocross of Nations: Who Will Come in 250cc?  |

National | America at the Crossroads of the Motocross of Nations: Who Will Come in 250cc? |

Fans from overseas (and not only) are waiting to find out who will represent Team USA in the MX2 class: at least three in the race

Especially since the early 2000s, although it has been shunned by some of the best riders, the Motocross of Nations remains a major milestone for American riders who are more interested in their own backyard, but who don’t make it at the best of times. They miss the opportunity to try to prove their superiority over their European counterparts.

When the most important event of the season takes place in the United States, there is no debate: Americans want to participate and impose their own law. 2022 edition at Red Bud The biggest and most spectacular ever and especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate Like four years ago, it will remain the same. The golden age that World Motocross is enjoying will bring out its best talents (almost all of them) on the weekend of September 25th and Team USA will be one of the mandatory favorites.

As two 450cc saddles will not be out of the question and will be reserved for riders Eli Tomac and Chase Sexton who dominate the national category, the foreign public (but not only) will be very interested to know Roger de Koster’s choice. Placement in the MX2 class.

As far as the Cadet category is concerned, it’s well known that American Motocross hasn’t had a great time, to be exact. It’s not a lack of talent, but a perennial lack of physical consistency that plagues the top youngsters in America’s 250cc class. It’s enough to read the list of injuries: Austin Forkner, Levi Kitchen, Matthew LeBlanc, Ty Masterpool, Cameron McAdoo, Michael Mosiman, Colt Nichols, Jed Reynolds, Styles Robertson and Nick Romano are riders with good prospects, or the fact that it’s already consolidated, although currently their respective teams Occupy hospitals and compete with these but have to add other names that have suffered annoying accidents in recent months. A minor detail in this talk is that the top 3 National 250cc finishes were made up of two Australians and a Japanese, although these three personalities didn’t raise the American quarter-liter bar one bit.

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The names of the moment for the country’s MX2 class are three and two of these are from the 450cc class. The prices of Christian Craig and Justin Barcia are certainly leading the way for the “restored” spot at Red Bud, but we can’t ignore Justin Cooper’s position as the 250cc full-time protagonist. Between these lines we briefly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these three candidates.

Craig’s name is perhaps the most expendable. By putting the 250cc champion West Coast of Supercross and Barcia on the same level, it is impossible not to notice how the Yamaha rider has managed better than Gas Gas this outdoor season: the current difference in the general classification between the two is 32. Craig finished 11 times better than Barcia in points and 16 heats. The main reason for Barcia’s national disappointment is his physical preparation, which has focused too much on supercross in an attempt to secure at least a top 3 finish in the indoor series (not focused), while Craig has already defined his plans well in the off-season. A final assault on the 250cc title at the Stadiums and Nationals in the 450cc class is now the routine for the Californian driver.

Looking at the situation in detail, the reasons for favoring Parcia over Craig are basically twofold: the New Yorker’s “one-shot” approach, fearing no opponent in the world on his best days, and one-upmanship. This deserves national attention Got it right at Red Bud with third place overall. Particular attention is paid to the first point, which is the jackpot in an event like nations and the ability to drop a team into a difficult abyss (like the USA) like a breath of air. In favor of Craig, who has a large habit of 250cc, racing on a small displacement bike until May, Barcia recently began to carry out some tests: often, countries do not have “adapted” solutions. The best.

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Cooper’s situation is complicated. The reigning National 250cc vice-champion’s skills are well-known especially in the outdoors, but physically the Yamaha rider is yet to prove that he has fully overcome the leg injury that prevented him from defending the Supercross title. Summer. Victory on Saturday In the second run of Washoogal That could be a sure sign of a full recovery, but given the disappointing performances in the immediately preceding races, solid counter-evidence will already be needed after the break at Unadilla. Beyond his excellent knowledge of the bike, aside from the aforementioned “restructured” selection, a great point in Cooper’s favor is represented by his great skills as a starter: the 250cc rider, in the Nation, knows how to cheat. Against the more powerful 450cc, you can save your life during the race, avoid traffic jams and expensive rebirths.

To make De Coster’s decision uncomplicated, an event like the Nations of Red Bud would have had two riders: Jason Anderson’s form is at an absolute peak, and the feeling with Kawasaki blossomed immediately. In the event of an emergency solution, he could have directly prepared the KX250 through the pro circuit, but “El Hombre” was called out of contention, preferring to re-operate immediately after the National; Jeremy Martin, one of America’s most successful quarter-liter drivers, could have leveraged his vast experience and great outside speed to the team’s #2 spot, but has pulled out of his contract with Yamaha Star Racing early and is currently training for next season. Still riding the YZ250F, with the ClubMX team.

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Craig, Parcia or Cooper: the hot potato is in the hands of “The Man”, who needs to better analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the three riders, however, who deserves the Team USA MX2 jersey. The AMA hasn’t gotten its hands on the Chamberlain Trophy since 2011, and if the Americans don’t win this year, the longest streak of countries they’ve played and not won, with nine. Time is running out…

Pictures: Gas Gas Media Center, Swapmoto, Yamaha Media Center