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NASA's drone has completed its 29th flight to Mars

NASA’s drone has completed its 29th flight to Mars

moves NASA drone ingenuity on me Mars Despite the problems associated with winter. As he wrote earlier, the decrease in temperature and the increase in the presence of dust in the air of the Red Planet represent limits for Drone. The use of COTS components (not specifically designed for the space environment) could have an impact but we must include the cost of the prototype which was not clear if it would work.

In a post written in the first half of the month appeared That one of the components was no longer working properly but this, while a limit, did not stop the possibility of flying again at least for one last time. This is what happened in the past few days when he was Mars helicopter completed Flight 29 It far exceeds initial expectations of just five flights.

NASA’s creativity has also completed the twenty-ninth flight

according to mentioned From Jet Propulsion Laboratory The Martian drones completed Flight 29 during SOL 465 (with flight 28 which occurred during SOL 423, around April 29). The mileage was 179 m with a maximum height of 10 m and a maximum speed of 5.5 m / s relative to the ground. The flight time was 66.6 inches allowing you to get from Airport T to Airport U.

NASA ingenuity

The total stats for all 29 flights show a distance traveled of 7,088 meters with the maximum altitude set at 12 metres. The maximum speed over the ground was 5.5 m / s while the flight time was 55.4 minutes. These are very good performances that will pave the way for future UAV projects for space missions (like a dragonfly for Titan).

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It was not the purpose in this case Breaking some records. Distance traveled or remaining in the trip as long as it allows NASA ingenuity To approach NASA’s tenacity to enable better communication. In fact, remember that the drone needs the probe to communicate with orbiters and thus with Earth (and vice versa) through the deep space network. Excess distance can damage communication skills by slowing down the persistence task (which remains the main task).

NASA ingenuity

Currently is Trip log that Database RAW images updated with the latest data (and five Navcam images). At the time of writing this report has not been updated JSON file. This contains the most accurate indicators of movements Drone on a roof Mars. At this time, the helicopter should be approximately at the mouth of a path in the delta of the river that filled Jezero crater several million years ago. Do not know whether NASA ingenuity Will she survive the Martian winter, or will this be her last trip? Sure enough, the attempt to fly to another planet was more than successful.

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