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NASA is sick of childish jokes about Uranus

NASA is sick of childish jokes about Uranus

Uranus is one of the most amazing planets in our solar system, but unfortunately it has planets name “unfortunate” which reduces its importance. As you can imagine, in fact, the jokes over the name, in Italian and English, cast a shadow over the celestial body.

The name is definitely a distractionVeteran NASA scientist Heidi Hamill said during an interview with Slate.For a while I tried to educate people about planetary pronunciation, but then I realized it was just a lost cause.

The frozen giant was named after the astronomer and co-discoverer of the planets Johann Bode in 1781, who followed Naming conventions at the time The celestial body is called the father of Saturn. All other post-earth planets At that point and after they took their name from Greek mythology, but instead of naming the planet Caelus from the Greek, Bode renamed it the Roman equivalent, or Uranus.

Now, when I talk about Uranus, I usually try to get over the whole thing right awayHamill continues.I tell a lot of jokes and make people laugh.“Although the name has sparked fun since at least the second half of the 20th century, now University of Washington professor of planetary science Paul Byrne, like Hamill, said He uses the planet’s name to his advantage.

In short, if you can’t beat them, join them! Meanwhile, scientists are demanding one Space mission to Uranus.

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