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NASA finally revealed the mystery of the "door" on Mars

NASA finally revealed the mystery of the “door” on Mars

On May 7 this year, the Curiosity rover captured a series of images (thanks to a highly advanced instrument called Mastcam) of East Cliffs, a hill located within the massive Gale crater. One of these things caused a special sensation because it included a strange detail: what, for all intents and purposes, looked like a door dug right into the wall.

Of course, all fans of aliens and conspiracies immediately woke up shouting “You see! On Mars there is a hidden civilization! It is right before our eyes!”.

Unfortunately no, that is not the case. NASA explained this very calmly.

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“These types of open fractures are common in bedrock, on both Earth and Mars. Sure, it might look like a small door, but it’s actually a natural geologic feature! It *may just look like a door because your brain is trying to make sense of the unknown,” the Curiosity team said in a tweet. on Twitter (which we set above).

“There are many linear fractures in the pile, but many of them intersect at this point, allowing the boulders to fracture at such sharp angles.”

Moreover, there is another interesting fact to know, which fits perfectly with the concept that our brain tends to imagine a whole series of things on its own. The size of the “door” we see in the photo is 30 cm by 40 cm. Seeing her alive, we might not have thought about the mysterious entrance to an underground space pyramid.

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However, what interests us is to study this kind of match at the geological level in order to get a more complete and real idea of ​​this amazing planet that we are exploring (isn’t that enough already for you as a science fiction?).

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