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NASA Completes First "3D Teleportation" into Space: Are We Really in the Future?

NASA Completes First “3D Teleportation” into Space: Are We Really in the Future?

In November 2020 we talked about something strange Technology that allows communication through holograms Remotely, a solution that seems to come straight out of sci-fi and cyberpunk movies. Well, someone did a better job: NASA successfully completes first attempt at ‘mass transfer’ From Earth to Space.

With an announcement via its official channels, issued a week ago, the The National Center for Aeronautics and Space Administration announced that it has completed successfully First Attempt at “Holographic Teleportation” Inside the International Space Station (ISS). This result was already achieved in October 2021; However, the results were only revealed in the past few days.

This mass transfer saw the use of Hololens Konnect Camera from Microsoft, managed from a computer using custom software by AEXA, a company dealing with providing custom software for mixed and virtual reality devices for use in various sectors, including aerospace, oil operations, and medicine. In this specific context, NASA transported surgeon Dr. Joseph Schmid to the International Space Station, and AEXA Aerospace CEO Fernando de la Pena Laca, allowing them to entertain Conversation with astronauts on board.

This mass transfer is the first ever attempt, moreover, to make direct contact possible between individuals on Earth and individuals in space as if they were physically close. According to NASA, this one Great development of satellite communications In light of the future mission to the Moon, except for the Artemis program: “This is a completely new way of human exploration, where our human being can travel far from the planet. Our physical body is not there, but our human being is definitely there.”Schmid said.

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L ‘The union of this technology with tactile tools It seems to be too far away; However, the researchers and engineers involved are already thinking about it.

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