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NASA captures an unimaginable object that flew in front of the moon – and that’s what it is


NASA has released some images of a strange object photographed on the surface of our natural satellite.

What just passed in front of the moon? (Photo by NASA) –

There’s something about that strange In the pictures published by NASA on its official website. These are images captured by the LRO system, lunar reconnaissance orbit, And record the passage of an object. Fortunately, or unfortunately according to some, the protagonist in the images is not any UFO alien. Rather, it is a very earthly thing.

What flew in front of the moon?

The images were released a few weeks ago but were taken by an LRO unit at the beginning of March. In one of the photos, the one that aroused the interest of all fans, you can see that Small white rectangle With a long dark stripe in the middle while the background is murkier but indisputably lunar.

Danori sola is superficial
Another shot of Danori from LRO (NASA image) –

What is this small rectangular body with a tail? It’s about to Danori. Result of the first space mission of South Korea. A mission that was supposed to begin in 2018 but instead saw a so-called technical launch Kablo, Or the Korean Lunar Pathfinder, to start exploring this great country of the moon. The launch of Danori also saw support from NASA. Until now, the system responsible for photographing our satellite has never met the Korean mission’s companion in its orbits. That’s why the photos were instantly great.

What is the function of lunar orbits?

Equipment like NASA’s LRO which has been orbiting our satellite for 15 years and newer Danori Obviously, the Korea Aerospace Research Center is part of Project a much larger area. The first and most important task is to provide as detailed images of the lunar surface as possible. From these images, as NASA’s official website explains, it will be possible to obtain 3D vision of space that can then be used Landing point for future lunar landing missions.

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But in addition to mapping the future, the images sent back to the surface by the LRO unit made it possible, for example, to detect the presence Water reserves In the polar regions. Another element that can be used to organize and build the next space missions that will have to return man to the Moon.

Clearly, a long-term perspective can determine some things Base on the surface This is the most distant ambition of all time, which is that we can somehow transport a person from the moon to the planet closest to us: Marty. Given technological limitations, the idea of ​​being able to reach Mars is still just an idea, but with the possibility of a support base on the Moon, any human exploration project could make significant progress.

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