Thursday, July 25, 2024

NASA asks three private companies to build space stations…


In light of the possible end of the International Space Station, the US space agency NASA has signed contracts with three companies to develop new space stations. One of them is Blue Origin, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

NASA said Thursday that Blue Origin will receive $130 million, Texas-based NanoRacks will receive $160 million, and Virginia-based Northrop Grumman will receive $125.6 million. “We are working with American companies to develop space destinations that people can visit and where they can live and work,” said Bill Nelson, CEO of NASA.

Blue Origin announced a few weeks ago that it is working on its own space station called “Orbital Reef”, along with various partners such as Boeing.

The largest and longest active space station to date is the International Space Station, which is operated by NASA with several partner agencies around the world. It has been permanently operated by astronauts on a rotational basis since 2000. It is not yet clear when the International Space Station will be used. An official decision on whether to continue the operation beyond 2024 is still pending. Russia also wants to build its own space station.

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