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NASA, $25 Billion in Funding for 2025


The resources will be critical to advancing America’s leadership in space and developing commercial launch operations. Not only that, NASA will work on new spacesuits and a series of interventions on the International Space Station. The bill.

NASA Funding Bill

Scientific Committee of United States House of Representatives It has given its initial approval to a financing package from $25.22 billion for NASA.

I invoice It will then have to be sent to the House of Representatives for debate, but it appears to be a formal step. NASA is the leader in Washington’s space strategy, and with science and commercial missions relaunched, the United States needs to put in more financial effort to win the space game with other emerging and consolidated powers, such as China and Russia.

Research programs, space missions and commercial launches

The text of the draft law stipulates, in addition to many other things, Space research and study programsalso Race to the Moon and MarsAnd beyondAs the MP said, Frank Lucas.

Lucas explained that this procedure “It also addresses near-term priorities, including key operations related to: International Space Station Continuous development of scientific research and innovative technologies

NASA’s New Suits and GeoCarb Relaunch

In terms of research and innovation, NASA is working on new spacesuits for the ISS and Artemis missions, and deorbit vehicles for the ISS, but also on Commercial space missionsLow Earth Orbit Commercial Destinations“to support work on commercial space stations, and”Commercial Lunar Payload Services

In particular, the bill provides for the revitalization of the program. Geocarp For planetary and greenhouse gas monitoring, the Earth science curriculum was canceled in 2022, due to cost overruns and difficulties in finding a commercial satellite in geostationary orbit that could host the instrument of the same name.

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