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Torino, Nicola in conferenza: "Napoli squadra peggiore da affrontare. E

“Napoli is the worst team they have ever faced. It’s a pleasure to be compared to Gattuso.”

David NicolaThe Turin coach spoke at a press conference on the eve of the Napoli match.

Is Napoli the worst team he has faced?
“I would say yes, we have to get off the horse and go fight. I am happy that you compare me to Gattuso: the determination and desire not to abandon our unity.”

How does Naples stop?
“There are more matches in the same game, everything can change. Certain teams not only have to be attacked, but they must also be contained, this is part of the game. We have to play our game and respect the opponent, we must have a great deal of balance.”

What characteristics does your midfielder need to have to contain the opponent?
“It takes dribbling, running, and repositioning. The goals are different, but I would like to hit Napoli.”

You only scored twice before your opponent …
“I turn around the question: How important is it to show a reaction? Children show character, and events should not characterize our mood. We want to fight to the end, we can at first give up a goal. Creating conditions and believing in them becomes decisive.”

Why did I suffer so much rebooting?
“When you press, you stay one-on-one. We’re not interested in the height of the pitch, but in believing in what we’re doing. We still need to improve to find the right balance: we’re working on it, but I want a brave team.”

What was lacking in Bologna?
“We have to produce, this is the most important data to have more chances to score. Then, obviously, we need clarity and quality in the last pass, the aspects that we are working on.”

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Four years without a goal in a direct free kick.
“All the way to score goals is a resource. I don’t care about the past four years, I’m interested in my three months: We show that we can compete. We work on that. We have better quality players, the choice falls on them. We have three or four, and they feel like kicking.”

Is it about the feet or psychological?
“Maybe because talking about it, we can make this shot …”

How’s Serego doing?
“He has enough glimpse, the hierarchy is clear. Today we are training, it will depend on the final confrontation and on his condition. We will exchange feelings and then decide.”

At what height constant salvation?
“I have never done these calculations, nor do I find them useful: I am interested in the points you end up with tomorrow.”