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Napoli, De Laurentiis is considering the “unrepeatable” deal: it will cost only 5 million

Napoli, De Laurentiis is considering the “unrepeatable” deal: it will cost only 5 million

The Napoli president is studying an important process for the future of the blue team. The parties are already in touch.

the Naples Enjoy your Christmas break at the top of the Serie A standings, the long break is about to end. The Azzurri will return to the field on January 4th in the Inter match, a match valid for the 16th day of the tournament. At home in Naples, there is a lot of confidence despite losing the last two friendlies at the Maradona Stadium. Some players have to find the best form of the times, among them Kvaratskhelia. What the blue team has studied is a classic recovery trajectory that has seen Spalletti try to use it as much as possible in friendlies. A way to rediscover those aspects, from changing direction to sensitivity in dribbling, that are key to getting back to being the devastating player early in the season.

In the mind of the president of Naples Aurelio De Laurentiis There was already a desire to amend the Georgian contract. The net million received today can be greatly increased. For days, there were the first ways to understand maneuver spaces.

Napoli are aware of the fair adjustment as evidenced by the Georgian talent. An almost unrepeatable deal. In practice, he wants to double his salary through 2028, for the company’s blue coffers they’d be Further spending 5 million eurosa figure that will allow Napoli to close the player in the next few years.