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Napoli and Milan slow down, Inter are back in control of their destiny

Napoli and Milan slow down, Inter are back in control of their destiny

The Nerazzurri is less than two Rossoneri and on par with the Azzurri but with one match less.

Now the ball goes back to Inter: With today’s results, the Nerazzurri are once again masters of their own destinySo, from here to the end Inzaghi men They will win the remaining seven matches (remember the defending champions have to take the game back against Bologna) and no one will be able to win them anymore. It is certainly not an easy task, and less obvious, But the international horizon has changed completely (perhaps unexpectedly) in just a couple of days. With victories against Juventus and the VeronaAnd Inter actually took back four points from Milan and three from Napoli (Which has an advantage in direct engagements, not so against his Rossoneri cousins.) In the past two days, Pioli’s team collected only two points against Bologna and Torino, three points for Spalletti due to the success against Atalanta and the internal knockout with Fiorentina: The standings now say Milan 68 points, Inter and Napoli 66 points But with Inzaghi’s men who have played one game less.

From here to the end Six matches for Milan and Napoli, and seven for Inter. Much has been said and written about the calendar: which is easier? On the other hand, which one is more complex? In light of what has happened in the past 180 minutes, the imbalance is really a gamble, and it seems like every prediction has been flipped. We present it to you, each one doing his own assessment. The only sure thing, as we repeat, is that now Inter are back in control of their own destiny. Now at least.

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Milanese calendar
Round 33 – Milan – Genoa
Round 34 – Lazio – Milan
Round 35 – Milan-Fiorentina
Floor 36 – Verona – Milan
Thirty-seventh round – Milan – Atalanta
Round 38 – Sassuolo – Milan

Naples calendar
Round 33 – Naples – Rome
Round 34 – Empoli – Napoli
Round 35 – Naples – Sassuolo
Round 36 – Turin – Napoli
Round 37 – Naples Genoa
Round 38 – Spezia – Naples

internal calendar
Floor 33 – Spezia – Inter
Round 34 – Inter Roma
* Round 20 – Bologna – Inter (rebound)
Round 35 – Udinese – Inter
Round 36 – Inter Empoli
Floor 37 – Cagliari – Inter
Round 38 – Inter Sampdoria