Sunday, July 21, 2024

“Naples, I’m afraid: the news we assumed has arrived.” chaos among the crowd


Napoli will play next Sunday at 6:00 pm against Inter Milan, led by Simone Inzaghi, at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, amidst the fans’ fears of external pressure.

NaplesI’m afraid the news we were expecting has arrived“, Gianluca Vigliotti, a journalist close to the events of Naples, in front of the target radio microphones on the Kiss Kiss Napoli, the official broadcaster of FC Napoli, said: “During the week, on my ‘Bar Sport’ programme, Paolo Valeri set for next Sunday’s match againstInter. But I’m afraid for Napoli, I’m afraid. The appointment of this referee was not necessary for the important challenge in the Meazza.” Notable Correspondent: “Historically, Napoli always suffers in Milan.”

“It will not be easy for the Napoli team, especially with this appointment of the referee who still baffles me. I expected that and it happened, unfortunately.” Gianni ImprottaThe former Napoli player, on the same broadcast mics, highlighted the pressure the referees were under at the Meazza: “Historically in their stadium, Milan players have always helped out the reviewerBut Napoli should not fear anything, this year a great team.”

Then the debate about the appointment of the referee moved to the network and to the phone lines of the official Radio Naples, and the fans of the Azzurri did not take kindly to naming Valery, considering the infamous precedents with the referee of the division of Rome.

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