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Nancy Pelosi is waiting in Taiwan. The United States: China does not use the visit as an excuse to escalate


Pelosi has not yet announced a visit to Taiwan It is up to you to decideA spokesperson for the National Security Council said: John Kirby, in brief with the press. “Nothing has changed in US policy” toward Taiwan. “We do not support its independence,” he stressed. Pelosi He has the right to go to TaiwanKirby continued, emphasizing that China knows that in the United States “there is a separation of powers and the chamber is a separate branch.” BeijingA spokesperson for the National Security Council stressed:It should not create a crisis“There have been speakers and representatives from Congress who have visited Taiwan in the past,” he said.

Beijing does not use the visit as an excuse to raise the level of tensionKirby said that, noting that the US president also talked about it Joe Biden in that Phone call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. He added that “China appears to be preparing to take further measures” in the coming days, including military provocations.

there US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan And his attacking group find themselves near Taiwan In the Philippine Sea, east of the Bashi Channel, as part of the repositioning of US military assets. The Liberty Times of Taipei cites in this regard the observation by US naval units of the semi-official Chinese network Scspi (South China Sea Examination Initiative) a few hours away from a possible layover on an island. American speaker Nancy Pelosi. According to the route followed, the aircraft carrier is in a position to “cover” the visit. The strike group, which left Singapore on July 26, normally includes one to two nuclear submarines.

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On the Chinese front, however, the Shandong aircraft carrier, the second commissioned by China, will be based in Hainan, where it arrived about ten days ago. On the fortified island in the South China Sea, on the other hand, various combat aircraft were deployed, while naval units were mainly registered to follow the Reagan attack group. Finally, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense registered forA raid of four Chinese J-16 fighters In the field of air definition of the island’s defense. Although the blitzkrieg is far from the records of the past few months, it is an indication of Beijing’s desire not to relax pressure on Taiwanan island considered an “inalienable” part of its territory, must be reunited by force, if necessary.

The purpose of Nancy Pelosi’s trip – landed a Singapore Monday, August 1 – “Reaffirms the United States’ unwavering commitment to allies and friends in the Indo-Pacific.” Peace and security, economic growth, international trade, climate change and human rights will be the topics of discussion during the visits. “The Indo-Pacific region will not only benefit the United States, but the entire world,” said a US House of Representatives spokesman.

there ChinaBut he stressed that his armed forces will not “stand idly by” in the event of a visit by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives to Taiwan. “we would like to US warned again “China is waiting and the People’s Liberation Army will not stand idly by,” a foreign ministry spokesman said. Zhao LijianStressing that “China will certainly take Decisive and powerful countermeasures in defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The United States must respect the principle ofonly chinathe three Sino-American versions, and to fulfill President Biden’s promise not to support Taiwan independence.

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