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Mysterious Signal From Galactic Center Discovered: Have We Spotted ET?

A mysterious signal from space, specifically from the center of the galaxy, is attracting the attention of the international scientific community: what is it? Let’s try to figure it out together by analyzing the latest news in this matter.

Radio Signal from the Galaxy: Details (Photo Fanpage)

through a Very powerful radio telescope, located in the Netherlands, strange radio signals emitted by Four stars a red dwarf. No one would say anything particularly relevant, except that such orbs should not make any sound but rather remain silent.

A mysterious GALAXY radio signal: that’s what it is

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what is it then? At the moment, as Esquire writes on its Italian website, the most reasonable explanation is that we are faced with the existence of Unseen exoplanets that interacted with the magnetic field of the same four stars as mentioned above. The professor talked about it Benjamin Pop A physicist from the University of Queensland in Australia explained: “We have detected signals from 19 distant red dwarfs, and the best explanation for four of them is the presence of planets orbiting around them.” Then the expert added: “We have known for a long time that planets in our solar system emit powerful radio waves while their magnetic fields interact with the solar wind, but radio signals from planets outside our solar system still have to be collected. This discovery is an important step for radio astronomy and could lead to the discovery of planets across the galaxy.”

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Currently, as Esquire recalls, the methods astronomers, astrophysicists, and aeronautical engineers use to detect exoplanets scattered around the universe are transit method, which are used when a large planet passes in front of a star, which leads to a significant decrease in the brightness of the same star; The other method used is that radial velocity “So – writes Esquire – if a star oscillates instantly, it means that it orbits around a mutual center of gravity with an exoplanet.” Finally, there is the third method, which is the . method Read radio signals And that it may be particularly useful in discovering other worlds, perhaps a planet very similar to our beloved Earth. In short, the mysterious sign that has reached Holland in recent days, perhaps, almost certainly, It will not come from an alien or extraterrestrialAs we joke in the title, but no doubt it came from someone or someone, and scientists want to try to see clearly and understand how, who and what produced it.