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Nuova Zelanda, vortice misterioso nel cielo

Mysterious bright New Zealand vortex

Mouth open and nose raised: in New Zealand there is one bright spiral Suddenly exploded in the sky. Those who were in the street, during the early hours of the evening, found themselves puzzled and amazed before what seemed to be a vortex, a strange spiral shape with a strange yellowish-blue light, so clear among the stars.

There were many reactions of fear. Although the show was unique, and in some ways interesting, encounters with a very visible phenomenon of this magnitude are not at all repetitive. Thus, on social networks (and especially on Twitter), a group of rather fanciful hypotheses began.

IUD appearance and duration

To fuel the strangest hypothesis is the fact that the luminous spiral appeared, at least apparently, suddenly and remained visible for several hours. As documented by the shot of photographer Alasdair Burns by Canadian astronomer Erica Nisvoldremains clearly visible to the naked eye, with perfectly defined lines.

Image source: Twitter profile @ _AstroErika / Photographer Alasdair Burns

At first, many self-described experts feared that this was a signal for the opening of a big black hole, a hypothesis that was rejected shortly after it was posted on Twitter. There was no shortage of theory about the existence of AliensOn spaceships, etc. But the most interesting thing is that the link to the spacecraft is the closest to what actually happened.

gas issue

Yes, because as the professor revealed later Richard Easter, a physicist and professor at the University of Auckland, the mysterious luminous spiral is the direct result of launching a rocket into orbit. To be precise, the missile in question was SpaceX Global StarIt was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, hours before the mysterious apparition.

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Easter explained that when rockets are sent into orbit, propellant is ejected from the stern of the craft. What creature is gas, a A mixture of water and carbon dioxide Resulting in the creation of a full-bodied cloud. Then the sun lights up the cloud in question, giving an almost milk-like effect.

The physicist also determined that the strange spiral shape was due specifically to the geometry of the launch and the later launched rocket and satellite. In short, no puzzles, no flaws: just a normal bodily reaction, which is really nice to see.