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"My father died before our eyes."

“My father died before our eyes.”

He thanked everyone who wanted to show affection and closeness to the two sisters and the whole family. Donatella writes: “We want to thank all the people who were close to us at such a delicate moment. There are no words to describe the pain of this sudden loss. Our father had cancer but was responding well to treatment and did not die from it.”
In a later post, however, Julia and Sylvia added a note regretting the 118’s intrusion: “Unfortunately we can’t give the same thanks to the 118 staff. Without going into detail, he treated us and our dad poorly, as if it was a ‘number’, a chore to get rid of.” him quickly.”

However, the bad experience does not prevent Julia and Sylvia from adding appeal to those who take care of patients: “This message wants to reach the hearts of all people working to help patients. Be sensitive and always think that it can happen to some of you.”

We also thank the oncologists of the European Institute of Oncology who have treated his father since he was diagnosed with a tumor: “We want to extend a special thanks to all the doctors of the Institute of Oncology at the European Institute of Oncology, who treated him with professionalism, dedication, human charge, sensitivity and empathy … “.

And although the pain was still strong, the two sisters announced that they had decided to go back to work: “In spite of everything, from tomorrow we will start working again and come back to life as always because that is what our father wanted and we will carry it in our hearts forever. We love you, Dad. … forever “.

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