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My dear, if you store it this way, crystals do not form and the grandmother’s trick does not harden

My dear, if you store it this way, crystals do not form and the grandmother’s trick does not harden

Honey is the land of taste

Honey, if you keep it like this you’ll say goodbye to your little hand to crystals from now on. It will not harden anymore.

honey It is certainly delicious and nothing short of a miracle food. It is also a real elixir for sore throats. Many people love him Post it Carefully spread on toasted or fresh bread according to your taste or on golden and crispy biscuits. Or even on simple biscuits. Still others use it for Make your tea sweeter or a cup of hot milk more attractive.

We can also use it to make gods Homemade sweets They are also great for a snack. There are sweets, throat lozenges and drink Which exploits its thousand potential. There are gods True honey lovers And many pieces of evidence explaining how it was born and all its features Many types.

There are usually some at different festivals Specific booths Who often sell it accompanied by very special moisturizers. Among other things at Christmas It is very popular as a gift. However, once opened, especially if the package is very large, it always applies Conservation problem.

Honey, never store it in the refrigerator

After all, letting it get worse is a real shame. In reality It will never have a real ending But once opened it cannot be kept in this condition for years. Advice is always adviceTry to consume it within a few weeksA month or two at most. In any case, do not do this Never a fatal mistake Entrust yourself to one of the famous and much loved home appliances while thinking about storing it there.

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Let’s talk about refrigerator. Many Italians, as can be seen on social media, still do this today. So they soon risk dealing with a tasteless product, Hard as marble and full of crystals Which in this case is of no value. Well, it is not dangerous to our health but However, it is not the best. So where do you store it? honey?

The best way to store honey
The best way to preserve honey

The best way to store is to keep it soft and free of crystals

It will be necessary to put it in it Cool and dark kitchen area. That’s why a room in your closet is excellent as long as it’s away from heat sources like stoves, ovens, and radiators. Also avoid placing it on shelves close to the refrigerator or the aforementioned windows. With this trick you will definitely notice how Your honey will stay healthy for a long time.

It is also clear Its quality It has a huge impact in this direction as once it is opened, Close the jar tightly And keep it very clean. Therefore, if any stains from the product get on the glass, remove them immediately Peelswhich is also ugly, come on Cover edges.