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MXGP 2024. JWR goes on “vacation” to America. Honda – Motocross team does not have Indonesia


The American dream for Alvin Ostlund, racing Southwick and Red Bud

June 16, 2024

DAfter the Maggiore round, the entire World Motocross Circus will head to Indonesia for two stages. However, not everyone will go to Asia. The JWR Honda team, led by Patrick Erlansson with rider Alvin Ostlund, will not go on a long Asian tour. Instead, they move in completely opposite directions. To the west, not to the east. The goal? America!

We had the opportunity and pleasure to speak with Alvin Ostlund and Patrick Erlandson in Maggiora on a rainy Saturday morning as they announced their plans for the next few weeks. First Southwick and then Red Bud. Two different circuits, two different tracks and two types of terrain that are not identical to each other. However, Southwick is more suited to the riding style of the Swede, who specializes in sandy, soft terrain.

The bike will always be the Honda CRF450R in the Works Edition version And Honda will get direct support from America. Alvin, however, confirmed to us that he would bring his equipment, now traditionally, his suspension kit and his own handlebars, while Erlandson assured us that their ECU would be used, which would be configured appropriately for the different petrols. They are used in states.

How risky is a bold choice But we hope that maybe, in the future, it can be carried out by other teams as well.

Indeed, complaints from groups regarding the economic and logistical difficulties associated with these long journeys outside of Europe are certainly not new.

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Further A direct comparison of European (world) and American positions would be very interesting There is no need to wait until October for Motocross of Nations, but not only that, but I believe it will be a more truthful comparison in the sense that two of the best Americans in the 450 will or will participate, in which Alvin’s case will give a parameter of the status of the others; Read any ranking to see the top 3/4 already gaping at the top ten finishers.

As Alvin confirmed to us, it’s a dream come true, especially at the Southwick event where we hope he can finish in the top ten.


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