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Musk brings the Internet to the isolated tribe in the Amazon: after 9 months, “they are lazy, they do not work, and they do not move”

Musk brings the Internet to the isolated tribe in the Amazon: after 9 months, “they are lazy, they do not work, and they do not move”

Dozens of bored children and adults glued to their smartphone screens. A scene that has now become a cliche to describe the impact of technology on humans. In all latitudes, it must be said. When Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites were able to connect the Marobo community, an Amazonian tribe that has lived proudly in isolation for centuries, with the rest of the world nine months ago, almost everyone was happy. The Internet has offered many obvious advantages. “From these screens, a world unknown to us has opened up,” says 73-year-old Tsinama Marupo, a village elder. Such as conversations with distant loved ones and the ability to call for help in an emergency. But things are worse now.” The woman speaks with two reporters from… The New York Times Who left for Brazil and reached the banks of the Itui River. He looks at his village comrades and shakes their heads: “They’re all there, focusing on their mobile phones. They have become lazy. They don’t speak, they don’t work, they don’t move. They’re kind of distraught. They look at the pictures, they read with the translator, they browse for hours and hours while immersed in a frightening trance.” Like lazy teenagers, the fast Internet arrived like a flash into their lives and disturbed the rhythms of their society, turning their habits upside down. The digital “revolution” was much faster than societies had seen in The world has been globalized in the past thirty years. No one has been given the time, overnight, to develop the “enzymes” needed to metabolize the impact of a window on the world, especially in a society that until the previous day was hermetically sealed off from the outside. “Young people are learning,” the woman continues “White people’s ways.” As his comrades surf social networks and send videos and photos, witnesses of this historic change in a tribe with a population of less than 2,000 explain how the Internet brought with it, as well as the possibility of knowing the world and talking to relatives, distant conversations, and even group conversations full of gossip. , online strangers, violent video games, digital fraud, misinformation, and pornography as everywhere, but without any technological progress: “The Internet was like an earthquake for us. We did not have time to understand it, study it and learn to use it. “It was a shock.” There is no turning back: “For God’s sake there will be a revolution. We will overcome this too. But don’t rule out the Internet.”

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