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Cantieri di Lavoro in Comune: otto posti per disoccupati over 58 a Mondovì

Municipal workplaces: eight places for the unemployed over 58 in Mondovi

There will be time until April 6, 2022 to submit applications to the three job sites activated by the Mondovi municipality, which has received funding from the Piedmont region. There are three projects that will, in general, create jobs for eight unemployed workers aged 58 or over.

Mondov becomes a beautiful upgrade

The project “Mondovì becomes a beautiful modernization” provides for the temporary employment of three workers in the technical department – the green urban sector. The planned activities aim to improve and ensure care and maintenance services in the public interest such as the maintenance of parks, street furniture and building maintenance. The activities implemented will improve the standard of living and the quality of public spaces, maintain the state of preservation of municipal heritage and protect the environmental, civil and natural heritage.

Professional Level Seeds of Culture

On the other hand, the “I seed of Culture Pro Level” project will allow the employment of three workers in the culture department. The planned activities aim to enhance cultural assets and services, enhance the city’s cultural, archaeological and artistic heritage by expanding and integrating the offering, and improve the usability of the library and the promotion and dissemination of content. Organized initiatives. Support is also provided to municipal employees in the reorganization and arrangement of part of the historical archives, in the organization and promotion of events and exhibitions and in the extraordinary opening of monuments included in the Urban Integrated System of Culture.

Safe inside and outside the nest

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Finally, the project “Safe Entry into and Out of the Kindergarten” envisages the introduction of unemployed workers into the kindergarten. The activities carried out tend to enhance, increase and intensify – compared to normal operations – cleaning interventions of nursery environments, both internally and externally, are essential in the prevention of infection and in contrast to the spread and containment of the virus. 19.

Project characteristics

All projects have a duration of twelve (12) months and the commitment of workers is 30 hours per week, divided into five working days. Participants will receive a total allowance of €30.15 for each working day actually executed. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, April 6, 2022. INPS pension contributions cover the period of use on a construction site. It should be noted that construction sites do not lead to the establishment of a working relationship between the participant and the promoter. The workers involved in the construction site will be determined on the basis of the arrangement to be prepared by the municipality of Mondovi. There is a training course on safety in the workplace. The requirements, methods and deadlines for applications are spelled out in the notices published in the Imperial Register of the Municipality of Mondoví, which also contains the form that candidates must complete.


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