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Multiple sessions on your Google account, why and how to fix it


Multiple Google login sessions and we didn’t create them: Here’s the problem and how to fix it

Unnatural access to Google: the problem –

Many users write to us discovering abnormal activity on their accounts Google, which may witness multiple processes sometimes when we are not connected or performing some work with the platform. The situation will see many people involved, in a case that should in no way cause excessive anxiety. Not everything may be related to a hacker attack, but only to superficial use of the web. Let’s find out why.

Multiple sessions on our Google account, because

Someone in the middle of the night Connected to our Google account, even though we were sleeping happily? No problems, everything can be derived from the applications that we have registered through our account on the search engine platform. It is a side effect of the superficiality of communicating our personal data on the web, a bell that should prompt us to better protect this type of situation and avoid future concerns.

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Unnatural accesses on Google and how to solve them –

How to solve the phenomenon

He comes back to help us Gabriel Gozzoli, an expert and consultant in the field of cybersecurity for companies in this regard. First, we need to understand where the access issue originates, which we can see through device access. If we see anomalies, with origins we don’t recognize, we should block those sources completely. The same thing with sources that we no longer use, which can just become problem points in managing the account correctly.

Once this process is implemented, we dedicate ourselves to it. password. It must be very powerful and complex, so that it cannot be identified by hackers or malicious people. There are key generation platforms, so let’s rely on these tools to increase the security of our personal data and not make it accessible to third parties. To ensure proper security, your password should be changed at least weekly.

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Once this process is done, let’s do a second one Check activities. Let’s focus this time on recent activities, focusing on situations that seem suspicious to us and that we have not implemented. Here we also identify anomalies and disconnect all those sessions that we did not authorize. You will see that with these three actions, multiple sessions will be magically reset.

However, the process to be done does not end here, as we will guide it in a painstaking way to avoid problems. We will also check Google’s access to Third applications: If this happens through means we know nothing about, we will revoke access again.

To increase the security of our account, as already recommended for social interfaces, we recommend usingAccess to two factors. A very effective method, because it makes life very difficult for hackers or bad actors who want to find our personal data.


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