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Motorcyclists are in trouble, from today if you drive like this they will beat you


Moreover, the traffic law speaks very clearly. It can be fun, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Don’t say you never did, especially when you were young, because we don’t believe you. Anyone, with their own motorbike, with their own motorbike, with their own motorbike, has moved at least once. Or (but this can also be done with the car) plunge into a resounding slither. But pay attention to the way you drive, you may lose your head’s eye economically!

Beware of fines (web source)

Iconic gestures

These are gestures that impressed us, especially at a young age. Symbols of rebellion, certainly not the best civilization, road safety and security. But you guys, you know, do a lot of stupid things. I’ve already been with bikes. Then we moved on to scooters first and then to motorcycles later. But the important thing is not to hurt yourself.

Slippage is making the rear tire lose friction in order to intentionally slip or crawl by locking the rear wheel. Wheelie is about giving a boost to the motor by pulling the handlebar thus raising the front wheel, you have to be careful not to lift it too much or else you risk tipping over, if you have a motor driven wheelie will be much easier.

Snowboarding wheels are obviously more exciting. Gestures have also been immortalized in various cult films, not just those that focus on the motor world. I think so On the Internet there are also tutorials to do it right. Both in text and video form. In short, for fans of two wheels (but also fours), slip and wheels are truly a must.

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Heavy fines

But now, everything will be more difficult. Or rather, all this would be much more dangerous. Not just for our own safety (and we always advise careful driving). But also due to the imposition of some heavy fines for some time.

Moreover, the Highway Code speaks very clearly: “On two-wheeled motorcycles and mopeds, the driver (…) must not raise the front wheel” He says what should be “the Bible” for those who drive on the street.

High symbol for real motorcyclists (web source) 11.8.2022 quattromania
High code real drivers (web source)

In short, be careful not to respect the provisions of Article 170 of the Highway Code. In fact, a fine of 81 to 326 euros can be imposed. And if the driver is a minor, the administrative reservation of the vehicle can also run for 60 days.

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