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MotoGP Austin (USA) 2022: Bastianini's victory over Rins and Miller's third

MotoGP Austin (USA) 2022: Bastianini’s victory over Rins and Miller’s third

Bastianini, the strategist, surprises everyone and wins in Austin, against the mighty Rins that takes Suzuki to second. But the intelligence of the rider from Romania, the ability to manage the tyres. The clarity of his garage that he planned perfectly for the moment he flips the race, and when Jack Miller Seemingly on their way to success, they were the key to the Grisini driver’s second win. “Our race started with seven laps left. We knew we could attack in the final,” explained Alberto Giribola, his technical boss who inherited from Andrea Dovizioso from the Ducati days. Perhaps the Bologna factory was aiming for more success with five bikes in front of everyone at first. Loved one factory rider before everyone else, but had to It is “sufficiency” Miller Second and foremost, the precedence in the ranking is found thanks to Romania which leads by 5 points from it. rinse and 11 and up Alex EspargaroHe finished eleventh behind his teammate Finales.

Bagnaia fifth ahead of the Marquez

The other official Desmosedici raced on flexible laps, rotating very quickly on slower rhythms. Bajnayafound himself fourth in the opening bars, overtaking him zircofrom rinse And from mir. Keep off the stage The Piedmontese, who seemed to find the right place in Saturday’s training and Sunday morning warm-up. There is still work to be done. Not just for him. also Marquez struggles to find himself, although today’s race has returned the fighter of all time. distance problem in the beginning (The clutch separation didn’t work) who sent him to the last position, the Marquis took one angry returnwho between braking at the limit and acrobatic overtaking finally brought him to sixth place, engaging in the most beautiful duel of the entire race, in the last laps, with Quarteraro, tamed with difficulty. Mark, net of the fact that Austin has always been on his track; The return of the World Championships in Europe may be auspicious. Honda is still struggling, while Suzuki is slowly regaining the podiums and positions in the standings. L ‘Aprilia Archiving the race he knew was tough at first, especially for Alex Espargaro who never really grasped the Texas track. Yamaha Still in pursuit quickly with Quarteraro In the most moving sections, slow on the straight path, how much to suffer for it Morbidly.

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