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Most Popular Names in Italy

Leonardo and Sofia: Most Popular Names for Newborn Babies – Leonardo retained the record from 2018; Alessandro in second place, up one place from 2020 Francis Goes up to the fourth. For the girls, Sofia is steady at number one, Aurora moves up one spot from third to second, Giulia moves up one spot, followed by Geneva in fourth.

Selection by Region – Although there are more than 26,000 different names for boys and more than 25,000 names for girls (including both simple and compound names), the distribution of the number of births by name reveals a high concentration around the top 30 in order of frequency. It accounts for 44% of all names for boys and almost 38% for girls.

Leonardo ranks first in all the central-northern regions (except for the autonomous province of Bolzano, where the name Nova stands out). In particular it prevails in Abruzzo, Sardinia and for the first time in Sicily, undermining Giuseppe’s historical primacy.

Rank – Here are the top ten most popular names in 2021. For children: Leonardo, Alessandro, Tommaso, Francesco, Lorenzo, Edoardo, Mattia, Riccardo, Gabriel, Andrea. For girls: Sofia, Aurora, Giulia, Ginevra, Beatrice, Alice, Vittoria, Emma, ​​Ludovica, Matilde.

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