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More bureaucracy and controls? What changes

We talk again about the obligations and documents needed to get to Construction Bonuses, Like 110% bonusBut we should not be afraid of the increased bureaucracy of demanding concessions. Controls increased due to Decree Antifrodi approved in November, which introduced urgent new anti-fraud measures also for deduction and credits for business.

The documents that will actually be submitted and are already part of the procedure for accessing construction rewards have changed as of November 12, 2021. None the new Warning, Therefore, as reported wrongly by some newspapers. In fact, these are the novelties that we talked about earlier, but it is right to reiterate them to dispel any doubts.

Superbonus and construction bonuses: New documents will be presented

Based on what was explainedrevenue agency, to access construction bonuses, it is now necessary to submit, in addition to the documents already necessary to start the practices, as well as the following documents.

  • the Compliance visa (here is the guide) which checks the correct application of the rules and thus the procedure is valid in all respects.
  • L ‘Expense Certificate, which instead certifies that the costs incurred are actually in line with the renovations being made in the home.

Super Bonuses and Building Bonuses: Increased Tax Controls

However, with the anti-fraud decree also i checkups, and not only the obligations on the part of the taxpayer who intends to receive the house allowances. Article 2 of the decree specifically provides for the strengthening of preventive controls.

The revenue agency monitors itself Risk Features of those requesting benefits, and also proceeding with the possible 30-day suspension of the request for benefits, also based on the regularity and consistency of the indicated data with those in the tax register.

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Other checks are performed by Financial intermediaries and banking, who cannot proceed to obtain credit in the face of suspicious transactions being reported, with an obligation to refrain in cases where proper customer verification is not possible.

Super Bonuses and Building Bonuses: Because bureaucracy increases

The purpose of the Anti-fraud Ordinance is to identify requests Imaginary, interventions paid to the original capital illegal and financial assets arbitrary From people who buy credits.

So, with more bureaucratic steps introduced in mid-November,App convenience For the 110% Superbonus and other construction bonuses, but an overall assessment is done that could jeopardize a non-compliant taxpayer’s demand.

We’ve already talked to you Here are the new documents needed to access House Rewards. But pay attention to dates and extensions. Everything can change with Exercise 2022 as expected here.