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Moments of Frost on Rai 3 – Libero Quotidiano


TV appearances by Matteo Basetti With his very beautiful blonde wife Maria Chiara Milan Fusio. The famous virologist introduced himself, who has now become a permanent presence of all Italians for more than a year Dominica Live From Barbara Durso Right with his wife. The two had an intimate and funny interview, in which she also revealed that at first she did not want to know about him. Plumped by herself, Maria Chiara, who then succumbed to the magic of the Genoese virologist, explains.

And couple Bassetti-Vieusseux is back on talking, always and strictly on television, to be exact TvTalk, A Saturday afternoon show airing on Rai 3 and entirely dedicated to what happens on the small screen. he is Sebastiano Bocciarelli, One of the animators for TvTalk With the tenant, Massimo BernardiniHe spent himself in a somewhat drastic comment, in a comparison the virologist might not have liked very much: “ Bassetti and the guest lady in Dominica Live They looked a little Carmen Russo With Enzo Paulo TurchiHe commented Sharp.

From D’Urso, Bassetti revealed: “I was Paninaro.” So he also spoke about his past as a judge. His wife said of him:He was the rampant 30-year-old son of a prominent professor who had just returned from Yale. He felt a lot popular, from his point of view … ”And again, the lady confessed:“ I am very jealous, but from the tangible things, if people throw themselves into great social praise, I am happy, then he is a pioneer. Yeah, he really loves it, just like him, ”D’Urso concluded.

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