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Modified physical activity reward, what is it? Here are the details and to whom they belong

Many wonder what the reward for modified physical activity is. New incentive set by various regions. Let’s go see the details.

The state is always attentive to any situation. Especially in recent years, in the wake of unexpected historical events, the government has used many resources for incentives. In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about Rewarding adapted physical activity. Lots of motivation Regions They put together physical exercise programs, not health care programs.

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L ‘Physical activity It is a very important topic today. It is not only for those who want to improve, but also for them Patients with a number of chronic conditions. Specifically, it generated a modified physical activity bonus, which is disclosed through a tax credit for expenses incurred.

This incentive is paired with the 2022 Sports Reward Which allows, by way of tax exemption, the possibility of improving the structures. As we can see, the topic of physical activity is becoming increasingly important. Also because sports can be a source not only of personal well-being but also of socialization. Really very important aspects. So let’s learn more about the modified physical activity reward.

What is the reward for modified physical activity? Here is all the information

Various regions have launched unhealthy exercise programs. These programs are for Patients with a number of chronic conditions. Of course the programs are adapted to the individual’s situation. It is performed under the due supervision of a professional with specific skills. All this happens in unsanitary facilities.

Fall within this context, as the territory reveals Tuscanyand patients with movement difficulties. We can talk about those who suffer from osteoporosis and osteoporosis. Or those with neurological movement disorders. In this case, those who have had a stroke or Parkinson’s disease.

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As we mentioned, this bonus was achieved by a decision of the Minister of Economy last May. It is a tax credit associated with documented expenses to benefit from this activity. Funds for the current year that have been allocated to the number that arrives 1.5 million euros.

This incentive is for people who engaged in physical activity from January 1, 2022 until December 31, 2022. The application must be submitted electronically torevenue agency. The modalities, at least for the time being, have not yet been revealed. After the order, the tax authorities will then have to determine the amount by the expenses incurred and the resources allocated. It must be remembered that the credit cannot be combined with other tax liens having the same purpose.

Finally, the amount can be used in tax declaration Referring to the tax period. The amount received cannot be used in subsequent tax periods. In the event that Internal Revenue becomes aware that the amount paid is higher than the specified amount, it will proceed with the refund.