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Missile attack in Sevastopol, Crimea: “5 killed, including 3 children”. Moscow’s fury: “US responsible, action will not go unpunished”


An Atacms missile deflected by a Russian anti-aircraft strike ends up on a beach north of Sevastopol in Russia-annexed Crimea, killing at least 5 people, including three children. According to Russian sources, 124 people were involved in the attack, and in addition to the three children who died, 5 others were in intensive care. It is a […]

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And Missile Atacms departed from Russian anti-aircraft It ends at a beach to the north SevastopolIn Crimea Linked by RussiaAnd the reasons At least 5 people died, including three children. According to Russian sources, 124 people were involved in the attack, and in addition to the three children who died, 5 others were in intensive care. It is a fuse This is rekindling a direct conflict between Russia and China AmericaThe Moscow Ministry of Defense is responsible Washington The Responsible Deadly attack and warns: “Deed will not go unpunished.”

The Kremlin’s rationale is essentially this: “All aircraft specificationsAtacms application are inserted by experts Use based on its own satellite reconnaissance data. Responsible for deliberate missile attack for this reason Public At Sevastopol it falls primarily on Washington to provide these Weapons “to Ukraine and to the Kiev regime, from whose territory the attack was carried out,” the Russian ministry says, they write. Interfax e TossAdding that such acts “will not go unpunished”.

According to the Russian reconstruction, the Atacms missile was launchedUkraine, the only plane of the five that was not intercepted was “deflected from its path by air defenses” and “exploded over the city,” the Defense Ministry said in Moscow. Many of the victims Bathers On the beach Uchuevka, north of Sevastopol, fragments of the missile landed. One of the five dead includes a daughter Oleg Averianovannounced the Deputy Mayor of the Port City of Magadan Interfax. President of Russia Vladimir Putin It is in touch with the “army” and those in charge of rescue operations, as “the main thing is to provide assistance” to the victims, according to reports. Rhea Novosti From a Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov.

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According to The Washington Post, the US allowed the Ukrainian armed forces to attack Ukrainian armed forces with US weapons up to hundreds of kilometers inside Russian territory. In the article, the prestigious American newspaper quoted Ukrainian officials on condition of anonymity, but at the same time underlined that there was no one in those hundred kilometers. Russian sites Used to beat Military objectives and the public in Ukraine. The Restrictions are imposed By the Americans, Ukrainians say, they are limiting the effectiveness of using American weapons across the border. Missile attacks have been scaled back, though allowing Ukraine to hit targets in Russia with US weapons Kharkiv. But the Ukrainian military does not believe it has the freedom of action that White House and Pentagon officials have suggested.

President of the United States Joe Biden The military’s refusal to green-light the use of long-range U.S. weapons such as tactical missile systems, or Atacms, has forced Ukraine to continue to rely on them. Drones Home-made for attacks inside Russia. For more than two years, the Biden administration has refused to allow Ukraine to use US-supplied weapons to strike targets inside Russia. Fears A direct conflict Between the US and Russia. The Russian occupation of Ukraine later limited the use of American weapons in Ukraine. “The U.S. has agreed to allow Ukraine to fire U.S.-supplied weapons into Russia where Russian forces are trying to take over Ukrainian territory,” Pentagon spokesman Maj. Charlie Dietz.

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