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Mirjana Trevisan as a mother does not deserve it | Bago Freezes: “My Son is Crying”

Pago, who saw his son crying, decided to take action against some of the giffini who had offended Miriana Trevisan over the past week and in particular, during the live broadcast.

Mirjana Trevisan and Bago – Politician 24

Mirjana Trevisan, last week and during the live broadcast, was the heroine of a heated confrontation with the other roommates. In particular, he had argued with Katia Ricciarelli Who spent a strong talk about him. And then they came in too Soleil Sorge and Giacomo Ortis. Hearing what was said by the competitors, Jefena’s ex-husband, Baghu, announced on social media that he would take legal action against them.

In particular, as later announced to Che, He was shocked by his son’s reaction. After hearing the many crimes against his mother, he burst into tears and called his father asking for an explanation.

Mirjana Trevisan as a mother doesn’t deserve it: that’s what Bagu said

First of all, let’s step back and go back to last week’s live stream. Directly where Mirjana Trevisan received Very strong insults by some of his roommates. In fact, a few weeks ago, Katia Ricciarelli It all started. She actually intervened criticizing the different behavior taken by Trevisan first with Nicola Pisu and then with Biagio D’Anelli. With the first, she did not let herself go because of the cameras and what her son could see. While with the second, she allowed herself to go a little more.

Then the Soprana “upped” the dose during last week’s episode. to any words Giacomo Ortis and Sully Sorge. Specifically, the surgeon (complete with a video broadcast) was filmed telling the girl that Mirjana, before entering the house, made her friend buy expensive shoes. Certainly, all these crimes and statements did not go unnoticed. They beat up Mirjana but also at home sparked a backlash from ex-husband Bago who threatened via social media with legal action.

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my son is crying

But that’s not all: Ex-Givino told Che that he has taken legal action against Katia Ricciarelli, Sulli Sorge and Giacomo Ortiz, not only for the crimes against his ex-wife. How special for the reaction of the son It was that evening.

I was having dinner with two friends when the phone started ringing hard. Among other people, he called me my son. He told me what happened on TV and instinctively sent a message to the host, Alfonso Signorini. No one can offend my ex in this vulgar and disgusting way, above all, no one can hurt my son who was crying“.

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In short, making him skip the “attack” would therefore be above all the tears of his son. But he also added in the interview that he talks a lot about women’s solidarity, and he regretted hearing these crimes from two women like Solly Sorge and Katia Ricciarelli.

Mirjana Trevisan as a mother did not deserve it Bago-Politic 24