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Miriana Trevisan, angry fight with Katia Ricciarelli / 'It disgusts me, I'm going away'

Miriana Trevisan, angry fight with Katia Ricciarelli / ‘It disgusts me, I’m going away’

An angry fight breaks out in the house big brother vip between Mirjana Trevisan and Katia Ricciarelli. It’s a clash between Soleil and Lolli Selassie, following the new arrival of Clarissa, to spark a spark between the two women who have had differences in the past. This time calm abandons both and the result is an unrestrained brawl. First of all, Mirjana says she is tired of all the insults to Katya: “He gave me some bad news, even in front of Barrow! She has behaved excellently, both as a woman and as a mother. She has offended me as a mother many times, but what do you want from me? How wrong was Clarissa too, it’s not that we are using two different sizes here!” “Will you be a mother? – Then Katya hit back and hit her hard – So be careful how you act! “

Mirjana Trevisan was injured by Katia Ricciarelli: “Enough, I leave the VIPs in the GF!”

the Trevisan She was immediately shaken by these words and answered in a trembling voice: “I am a generous mother and this is not said!” However, Katya answers: “I don’t have with anyone but I want the truth! I am tired of hearing all these lies!” Hearing new accusations, Mirjana says: “I’m leaving, I won’t stay here. It all disgusts me!”He says pointing to Ricciarelli and going to the room. Friends will calm her down and go back to the living room.

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